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Managed IT Services unlike the Break-Fix Support Model builds on the relationship that you have with your Service Provider.

Managed IT Services align your needs to have a working robust network with the service providers need to provide a stable working environment. This is how the Service Provider makes money.

A monthly payment, a fixed fee to resolve issues, maintain and manage your IT Environment.

Service failure can result in loss of productivity and profit.

The service provider will also lose, the game is you win the service provider wins.
The Service Provider has the best interest of your business in mind all the time.

Information Technology Systems
are made of components that rely on each other.

Failure of one component will have a systemic effect, reduced access for workers, failure to access key data, possible data loss and the risk of failed security.

The internet offers many benefits and riches, it also offers the same for those that are criminally minded.

“One major internet provider reported that it sees 80 billion malicious scans a day, the result of automated efforts..”

“Economic Impact of Cybercrime—No Slowing Down McAfee February 2018”